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i have a confession. my confession is that i am not a dog. i am a man, and my name is ryan. i am still somewhat drunk from last night and i might throw up.


Date: May 21st, 2011
Weather: Cool and calm with stellar ocean views
Agenda: Zombie Slaying
Reference Code: 666
Ghoulish Meter: Way High

A Legion of Zombie Slayers congregated atop the scenic sunset setting of Grand View Park awaiting their opportunity to hold back the horrific hordes of the undead.  For this day was fit for the Rapture as predicted by Family Radio host and now multi-millionaire Harold Camping.  The task was straightforward – seek, destroy, enjoy…BBQ.  In this Zombie Apocalypse Style Death Race to the beach the objective is to hunt down all Zombies and successfully complete the tasks necessary to thwart their brain eating desires.  Some Zombies needed to see big slides with axes, some needed smelly hippie jumps and still others required you to get barreled, get air then enjoy ice cream.  This maze of mutilation culminated in a celebratory BBQ at the body burning pits on Ocean beach.  There, two teams were awarded first place – one for successfully completing all tasks and another for having the all-around raddest time.  Some comical debates were held in which the only decider was an all out rock-paper-scissors battle-to-the-death.  The winning teams’ public safety efforts (Zombie slaying) were well rewarded in the form of AMAZING Zombie head trophies, urethane products from around the globe, fresh wood from our local awesome companies, Imaginary trucks of precision fame and smiles to last a lifetime.  As we watched the sun set over the California coastline we reflect on the day, deciding shredding with homies was the best way to spend the last few hours on Earth…
    Luckily for us, Harold Camping’s prediction was off by 5 months so Sunset Sliders will be continuing the charge of rad monthly events – July has some slippery slalom in store so grab some grippers and get some!
    Unlimited thanks to those in support of Sunset Sliders: California Bonzing Company, Purple Skunk Skate Shop, Never Summer, Imaginary Trucks, SOMOS skateboards, Skate House Media – A special thanks to Yvonne the freshness inspector who’s wicked artistic talents shined through the lovely Zombie Heads for the 8 champions.

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  • 12 July 2011
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