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Chris Brown: Fortune | Music | Music Review | The A.V. Club




In the immediate wake of the incident that should have killed Chris Brown’s career, the singer’s P.R. team rushed to salvage his tarnished image, hoping to recast him as the jiggy-dancing, dream-date teen star he used to be. It was a lost cause. That Chris Brown died the night he bloodied his famous girlfriend, and the one that emerged in his stead was far nastier: an unrepentant, grudge-bearing monster who over the next two years clawed his way back into fame’s conscienceless inner circle with the brutal determination of a shadowy figure in a slasher film. Brown reclaimed his stardom not by apologizing for what he did, but by owning it. He often even conveys a sense of stubborn pride about it, a detestable posture that has soured every album he’s made since. Bad people can create worthwhile art, of course, but more than Ike Turner, R. Kelly, or nearly any other musician with a sordid history, Brown makes it impossible to separate his music from his transgressions. Fortune is, like his previous post-Rihanna albums, the unmistakable work of the same petty, violent-tempered hardhead that the tabloids have documented so well.

This review is a spectacular takedown of the worst figure in music right now, Chris “I Beat Women Into Comas” Brown. 

Alright well, you brought out another unpopular opinion in me. I love Chris Brown’s music. Not because he kept going when everyone else expected him to stop. But because he loved the music too much to stop. Yes he made a human mistake, and a big one at that but since when did we suddenly stop forgiving people for mistakes. Apparently Rihanna forgave him enough to start being friends with him again. Apparently she’s humble enough to let it go. But of course, she’ll never forget. Looking past the music and into the soul and power of not only some of his songs, but as well as the passion he puts into his fans and his work is enough reason for me to seperate him from the monster he can be and the musician he is.

Nuff said? Me thinks so.

A “human mistake” isn’t beating a woman into a coma and then bragging about it over the course of three albums. Bloodied and bruised, he then tried to strangle her to death. 

To death. 

You are SO wrong. Stop forgiving him. He tried to kill a woman with his hands like a raving fucking lunatic. 

Chris Brown doesn’t “love” music. He loves money and fame. Stop being naive and forgiving him because he’s a fucking pop star. If he “love”s music then he’ll release a song that doesn’t sound like a trainwreck fucking a scream on top of a pile of AIDS. 

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  • 10 July 2012
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