king stupid

i have a confession. my confession is that i am not a dog. i am a man, and my name is ryan. i am still somewhat drunk from last night and i might throw up.

Starro. AKA the Conqueror. Starro is a three story tall alien starfish, as you can plainly see. He is large, physically powerful, and capable of mind control via asexually producing millions of tiny versions of himself. Despite all of this, he is capable of being defeated with… quicklime. Comics from the Golden and Silver age had this awesome convention of giving characters really stupid, pedestrian weaknesses, like Green Lantern, whose weakness was the color yellow, or Superman, whose weakness is a rock. Or Batman, whose only weakness is bullets. #dccomics #comics #Justiceleague #starfish #starro #conquerors (Taken with Instagram at Piano)
  • 7 May 2012
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