king stupid

i have a confession. my confession is that i am not a dog. i am a man, and my name is ryan. i am still somewhat drunk from last night and i might throw up.

i’m trying my best

“not much to offer in the looks department but i sure can make a great playlist”

—   only thing on my okc profile


If you didn’t just run out of a library with a screaming 3yo and a handful of pee-soaked underwear and socks, you’re doing better than me.

it’s a cold world

“i’m the best”

—   first line from my upcoming novel, “alone and depressed at my parents’ house on a saturday night”
zine haul from summer of discontent last night. 

it was a weird night, i was feeling weird and i sort of just let that feeling take control last night. i feel like i was in a snow globe, me and my thoughts and snow, an existence removed and shaken up. i had a good time, all things considered, but i don’t think i really let that show. 

it was really nice to see everyone excited about other people.


s/o to kingstupid for making me laugh loudly at the caltrain station. you are a great slime to me.

😁👌 you da best

Anonymous said: what drugs have you done


nice try mom

TONIGHT at the rock shop!! zines, dancing, food, good times. starts at six, don’t sleep on this one!!!